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Bhujangasana - Cobra Pose

How to Do Bhujangasana? – Advantages and Safety Tips

The most important question about how to do Bhujangasana is ‘how’ and not ‘what to do.’ Your chest should be kept high in this particular posture, and your buttocks slightly out in front. The forward bend at the neck will help you keep your head, neck, and spine straight. If your upper body is well-developed,…

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How Do You Do Trikonasana?

Trikonasana is known as God’s yoga posture, the third eye, and the third eye meditation. Trikonasana means ‘three inner knees.’ It is often described as a gentle stretch to align the spine and the pelvis in the direction of the heart. Asanas that are performed in Trikonasana will help increase the flow of energy throughout…

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Sarvangasana – Shoulder stand pose

In this article, we will discuss how to do Sarvangasana? Who can do it? What are its benefits? Finally, we will try to make a clear-cut assessment of the reality of the question – “How to do Sarvangasana?” Benefits of Sarvangasana The benefits of a particular yoga pose are many, but the most prominent advantage…

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Balasana or Child Pose Benefits

Do you know how to do Balasana? If your answer is positive, continue to read on as this article will give you information on the proper way to do Balasana. Besides, I will teach you how to execute the various postures and poses correctly and the benefits of this pose. How to do Balasana? The…

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How To Do Salabasana? Steps and Benefits of Salabasana.

The word Salaba means grasshopper. This asana looks like a grass hopper. Steps to do Salabasana: Lie down on the carpet on your abdomen and your mouth, nose and face should touch on the ground and your hands placed by the side. Then slowly lift the legs. The legs should be raised above the hips.…

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How To Do Sarvangasana? What are the Benefits of Sarvangasana?

This seat is said to be unique because all organs are compressed. You can do this pose after some days of practice of vibareethakarani. This pose is the same as vibareethakarani but your leg should be straight in the form of an “L”. Normal breathing is enough. Steps to do Sarvangasana: Look at the thumb…

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seated forward bend

Intense Dorsal Stretch – Seated forward bend – Paschimottanasana

Intense Dorsal Stretch is also known as paschimottanasana, seated forward bend. This yoga pose is part of hatha yoga. How do you do a seated forward bend? Seated Forward Bend (or Intense dorsal stretch) is the yoga pose that gives you calmness to your mind and stretches your body from your feet to neck. After…

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