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How To Do Salabasana? Steps and Benefits of Salabasana.

The word Salaba means grasshopper. This asana looks like a grass hopper. Steps to do Salabasana: Lie down on the carpet on your abdomen and your mouth, nose and face should touch on the ground and your hands placed by the side. Then slowly lift the legs. The legs should be raised above the hips.…

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Elevated lotus pose - uthita padmasana

Elevated Lotus Pose – Utthitha Padmasana

Uthitha Padmasana Meaning – In the ancient language Sanskrit “uthitha” means “elevated”. This posture needs to elevate our body in lotus pose from the ground by pressing the hands in the floor. Hence this pose got this name “elevated lotus pose”. Before doing this posture make sure you are comfortable with padmasana. Tulasana, balancing pose,…

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