How To Do Salabasana? Steps and Benefits of Salabasana.

The word Salaba means grasshopper. This asana looks like a grass hopper. Steps to do Salabasana: Lie down on the carpet on your abdomen and your mouth, nose and face should touch on the ground and your hands placed by the side. Then slowly lift the legs. The legs should be raised above the hips….


How To Do Sarvangasana? What are the Benefits of Sarvangasana?

This seat is said to be unique because all organs are compressed. You can do this pose after some days practice of vibareethakarani. This pose is the same as vibareethakarani but your leg should be in straight in the form of an “L”. Normal breathing is enough. Steps to do Sarvangasana: Look at the thumb…

Lotus Pose - Padmasana

Lotus pose – Padmasanam

What does the lotus pose mean? The lord Parameswaran, the creator of the world, is in this yoga pose. You can sit on the yoga mat by putting your left leg on the right thigh and right leg on left thigh. It is necessary to touch the lower abdomen with the heel. The fingers should…