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Which Yoga Reduce The Stomach Fat?

Whoever has wondered if yoga can help get rid of stubborn belly fat is in luck. Why? Because of many yoga poses can lose belly fat and increase weight loss. As we celebrate International Yoga Day every year, here we’re going to learn effective yoga poses that could help you lose belly fat. Performing these…

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How To Do Sarvangasana? What are the Benefits of Sarvangasana?

This seat is said to be unique because all organs are compressed. You can do this pose after some days of practice of vibareethakarani. This pose is the same as vibareethakarani but your leg should be straight in the form of an “L”. Normal breathing is enough. Steps to do Sarvangasana: Look at the thumb…

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seated forward bend

Intense Dorsal Stretch – Seated forward bend – Paschimottanasana

Intense Dorsal Stretch is also known as paschimottanasana, seated forward bend. This yoga pose is part of hatha yoga. How do you do a seated forward bend? Seated Forward Bend (or Intense dorsal stretch) is the yoga pose that gives you calmness to your mind and stretches your body from your feet to neck. After…

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