Chair pose – Utkatasana

How do you do Utkatasana?

Chair yoga pose can be termed a strange asana. Stand upright on the floor and keep your feet about 3/4 feet wide, and stretch both hands straight while sitting in half size. Sit on the floor in case of slight pain in the knees.
While doing this asana take a deep breath in and exhale it slowly. This can be repeated for 3 times. Must do as shown in the picture.

Chair pose - Utkatsana

 Note: This can be done by sitting on the ankle veins. Depends on the physical strength you have.

What does Utkatasana mean?

The name of Utkadasana comes from the Sanskrit word utkata, meaning “fierce, proud, tall, arrogant, exalted, immense, great, tough”. This pose is often called “chair pose” in English because you seem to be sitting in an invisible chair.

What are the benefits of chair pose?

  • Many friends asked me “Is chair pose good for knees?”, I am answering all of them yes of course. This asana makes sure there is no water accumulation in your knees.
  • By doing this asana all the nerves in the body become flexible.
  • It cures the water accumulation in the toes.
  • It cures diseases found in the chest.
  • It relieves arthritis, elephant leg sickness.
  • Doing this asana will bring you four miles of walkable benefits.

 It is a simple asana practice for men, women, boys and girls.