Elevated Lotus Pose – Utthitha Padmasana

Elevated lotus pose - uttitha padmasam

Uthitha Padmasana Meaning – In the ancient language Sanskrit “uthitha” means “elevated”. This posture needs to elevate our body in lotus pose from the ground by pressing the hands in the floor. Hence this pose got this name “elevated lotus pose”. Before doing this posture make sure you are comfortable with padmasana.

Tulasana, balancing pose, Tolasana, scale pose or hand balancing exercise is the other name for this yoga posture.
If you injured on your shoulder or wrist, avoid this yoga posture or don’t do this pose without consulting your doctor.

First, sit in the position of Padmasana, and keep your palms by the side of your body and gently lift the body as much as possible and try to avoid dissolving the Padmasana position. Just maintain normal breathing. Do it for three times.
The vision should be straight. There is no need to fear falling down because of doing this asana. Both the hands should be pressed to the ground.

Utthita padmasana benefits:

  • Slow breathing while doing this posture can help relieve chest disorders and rejuvenate the nervous system.
  • This asana strengthens the stomach muscles and reduces the unwanted fat in the stomach.
  • It cures constipation problems and diabetes. In my point of view, constipation is core factor for all the disease. If you cure the constipation means, you put your steps forward to get a healthy life.
  • It strengthens the bones and wrists.
  • It reduces the pain caused during menstruation. Pain during the menstruation is the biggest problem almost all the ladies. Since this yoga strengthens the lower abdomen muscles, you should get less pain during your menstruation period.
  • This pose enlarges the chest and you can get a wide chest.
  • This pose is good for women and who wants to increase their breast size can do this posture daily.