How Do You Do Trikonasana?


Trikonasana is known as God’s yoga posture, the third eye, and the third eye meditation. Trikonasana means ‘three inner knees.’ It is often described as a gentle stretch to align the spine and the pelvis in the direction of the heart. Asanas that are performed in Trikonasana will help increase the flow of energy throughout the body. The energy flow through Trikonasana helps to eliminate the stress points and toxins from the body.

So many people want to know ‘how do you do Trikonasana?’ Trikonasana can be easily learned by beginning with the basic positions. There are many types of Trikonasana, and you can choose one depending on your needs. You can find them sitting comfortably in a yoga class, lying down, or standing. As with any yoga posture, it is very important to maintain proper alignment during the movements.

Many people have benefited from the relaxing and healing effects of Trikonasana. It can help you to release negative energy from your body, balance your mind and body, and open up your physical self. If you need to relax and rejuvenate your body, Trikonasana may be just what you need.

Who should not perform Trikonasana?

This asana shouldn’t be played by those who undergo severe back pain. Others who are advised against trying this asana include those suffering from diarrhea, neck & back injuries, dizziness, or vertigo. It is straightforward to lose your balance while performing this pose.