How to Do Bhujangasana? – Advantages and Safety Tips

Bhujangasana - Cobra Pose

The most important question about how to do Bhujangasana is ‘how’ and not ‘what to do.’ Your chest should be kept high in this particular posture, and your buttocks slightly out in front. The forward bend at the neck will help you keep your head, neck, and spine straight. If your upper body is well-developed, your head and neck’s weight should be supported by the muscles of the shoulders and the trunk, which will give a sound support system for the inverted cobra pose.

If you want to learn how to do Bhujangasana, you must be very gentle and careful with yourself while you are trying the pose. If you do Bhujangasana incorrectly, you can injure your spine and other internal organs. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the posture correctly and carry out the bending and twisting of your muscles in a gentle manner not to injure your spine or any other internal organs. The ideal position is a little higher than our head.

To begin your Bhujangasana, sit comfortably on your mat with both of your knees bent and your hips slightly in the air. In a gentle movement, you will turn your right arm, placing it against your thigh and your left hand on the small of your back. Place your right hand on your left thigh and your left hand on your right thigh in the reverse pose. Now, gently bend your left arm and your hand on your neck, letting your neck muscles assume an S-curved arch. Keep this pose for five breaths, breathing casually and intensely through your nose.