Intense Dorsal Stretch – Seated forward bend – Paschimottanasana

Intense Dorsal Stretch is also known as paschimottanasana, seated forward bend. This yoga pose is part of hatha yoga.


How do you do a seated forward bend?

Seated Forward Bend (or Intense dorsal stretch) is the yoga pose that gives you calmness to your mind and stretches your body from your feet to neck. After you did your yoga sequence, if you do Paschimottanasana, you never get sick in stress.

What are the steps of Paschimottanasana?

  • First, sit on the yoga mat and keep your legs straight and don’t bend the legs.
  • Then bend your back in front and place both hands on the toes and hold the thumbs with both hands.
  • Both elbows should be touching the ground.
  • Initially touching the thumbs and bending the head may appear very difficult. But regular practice makes you an expert in this yoga pose.

Make sure while doing Paschimottanasana, your legs should be in straight. Do not bend your head on the knees fastly. Gently bend your head on the knees. If you give quick stretch, your hamstring will become tighter. So by doing this asana slowly and three times a day your hamstring will become more flexible.

About 60 years ago, a leading medical professional( Sorry I couldn’t remember his name. If someone knows, please comment it) recognized this pose as the “the pose to win eman.”

What does seated forward bend stretch?

  • It strengthens the muscles around the abdomen.
  • It cures all the defects in the intestines, pancreas, gall bladder, kidneys, and genitals.
  • It reduces stomach fat.
  • This pose makes you youthful and energetic.
  • During mensuration, women get rid of pelvic pain, abdominal pain, and infertility.
  • It cures diabetes.
  • It helps to keep women’s hip and abdominal areas beautiful.
  • If women are doing this asana regularly, they can’t see the folds in the abdomen.
  • This pose cures nervous problems.
  • It cures the piles and gastric problems.
  • From top to toes, you will feel refreshed.
  • If you do this asana with the sarvangasana makes you protect your health from any disease.