YOGA MUDRASANA – The weight loss yoga

Yoga Mudrasana is the well-known pose in weight loss yoga series. It is one of the variations of lotus pose or Padmasana. This pose represents the yogic seal or mudra in the form of yoga asana. When you do the yogic seal or mudra like a yoga pose, it becomes yoga Mudrasana.

How do you do yoga Mudrasana?

Yoga Mudrasana

First Sitting on the Padmasana, then bring both hands to your backside. While doing this your right hand should hold your left-hand wrist. Then bend slowly on your front side until your forehead and nose touch the ground.

Initially, it might be difficult to touch the ground by your nose and forehead. But, by doing this asana daily without fail can be done easily. While bending exhale slowly and hold it for 15 seconds and inhale gently while raising the head.

Yoga Mudrasana for weight loss

Those who well practised with the padmasana position can easily do the yoga Mudrasana. If you can’t do this asana with the padmasana position, sit in a normal pose. It is difficult to do for those who have a fat belly.

What are the benefits of yoga Mudrasana?

  • The benefits of Yoga Mudrasana are wonderful. The digestive organs in the stomach become strong.
  • It cures diabetes, indigestion, constipation, and lung infections and lack of strength.
  • The Lord’s gift to the men and women because it cures the disorders of reproductive organs.
  • It cures Stomach ulcers, diabetes, hernia, hydrocele diseases.
  • It reduces the excess fat in the abdomen and cures the hip pains.
  • If you are seeking to reduce your belly fat, Mudrasana is a divine gift for you.
  • If you do this pose along with utkatasana chair pose every morning, The constipation problem cannot dwell in your body.
  • Also, It stimulates the Manipuraka Chakra. This chakra is ensuring or improve your general energy level.