Top 5 Yoga Poses that reliving the shoulder pain

Eagle Pose

The Eagle Pose is a good stretch for any shoulder pain. It strengthens your shoulders, makes your torso length, and opens up your chest. While doing this, pose, keep your feet on the floor (you’ll be in a crawling position).

Boat Pose / Ship Pose

Another yoga stretch that can help with neck and shoulder issues is the Ship pose. This pose works your back and your trunk. There are specific instructions for this pose. If you’re unsure how to perform this pose, check out the instructions in the video mentioned below.

Puppy Pose / Dog Pose

One of the best pose benefits for the neck and shoulders is the Puppy Pose. The Puppy Pose is a yoga stretch that works the front and back of the shoulders. To perform this pose, place your hands behind your head and put your hands just forward of your shoulders. Make sure your palms face ahead.

A good stretch for your neck and shoulders is the puppy pose. To do the puppy pose, you must first lie down with your back straight. Then, slowly lean your head forward until it is touching the floor. Keep your shoulder’s width apart. To do the puppy pose correctly, you must hold this pose for five breaths.