Yoga For Hair Growth

Yoga for hair loss problems is one of the most popular alternatives for improving their physical conditions. It has been exercised for thousands of years and has proven itself to be beneficial. In fact, scientists have proved that yoga does indeed help in strengthening the bones and muscles. It also promotes an immunity system and better overall health. Besides, it improves cardiovascular efficiency, relieves stress, and induces sleep. Yoga also helps in rejuvenating the neurotic system. Therefore, it can help you to fight against hair loss.

Yoga For Hair Growth

According to some studies, yoga can increase hair growth by 50%. The only prerequisite is that you should regularly practice asanas to promote new hair growth for a significant time. In fact, the following yoga poses are the most recommended yoga poses that can help you prevent hair fall. 

Based on studies, these yoga postures have been found to increase blood circulation in the scalp and promote healthy hair.

For children, Sirsasana or headstand is helpful for the growth of hair. For adults, too, Sirsasana or headstand is useful in this regard. This yoga posture helps to stretch the upper body. It is a part of Ashtanga or “hot yoga.” Since Sirsasana is performed while standing, the upper part of the body receives maximum stretch. Adorn the head with a small piece of cloth before going in for the Sirsasana. In this posture, the head stands erect. Gently pull the headstand into the arch of the forehead by bringing the flat part of the top of the skull towards the spine. This opens the nasal passage, thereby allowing more blood circulation to the scalp. Also, this brings more oxygen and nutrients to the roots of the hair.

While yoga is a perfect discipline for relaxation, it should not be forgotten that it can also act as a remedial measure for hair loss. Yoga poses like Sarvangasana, and Shavasana protects the body from heat and injury. They also help to boost blood flow to the hair follicles. 

Sarvangasana – how to do it?

Sarvangasana, or the lord of fishes, is a beautiful yoga asana that strengthens the neck, shoulders, and legs. Begin this asana by standing straight, holding onto your hamstring. Turn your torso sideways and bring your knees up so that your thighs become parallel with the floor. The head is now at a right angle to the spine. Next, inhale deeply and allow the air to enter inwards while simultaneously pulling your shoulders back. Inhale entirely through your nose and let the air fill up the nostrils. Hold this position for several seconds. This will relax your body and take care of your stress and help you achieve a healthy hair fall.